September 24, 2013

Figure out what the movie is to win a Mystery DVD.

Clues will be added on the given dates until someone can figure out what the movie is. The 1st person to guess the movie correctly will win the DVD (shipped only in the US). Rules: You can only guess once per person per day. You must guess your answer using Facebook below. Only one person can win the DVD.

9/24/13 - Clue 1 - This movie was released on DVD in 2013

9/26/13 - Clue 2 - A actor in the Mystery Movie is in 2 new movies releasing next month (October).

9/29/13 - Clue 3 - N/A Contest Ended.

Congrats to Jennifer Carlew, you guessed the correct answer.
WORLD WAR Z starring Brad Pitt
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