The Hangover Part 3

The past Hangover movies have been done to a point where your thinking that the third one will be very similar to the first two. But this is not the case with this third one. The Hangover 3 was made into such a great format of comedy, that all will enjoy this.

The first five minutes of the movie was the trailer for the movie, which you have more then likely already saw. You maybe saying "Great the trailer is the whole movie", but this is untrue. They show mostly all of the trailer parts in the first five minutes, so that the rest of the movie is unseen comedy goodness.

Of course the original Wolf Pack guys were just as funny as they always are. But also Melissa McCarthy was in the movie, and she was so funny also. Although her line/part was very brief, she was still able to deliver her punch of comedy.

There is a special surprise, you need to stay for the scene after the credits.

ANSWER BELOW (Scroll down in the box)

What would I have changed? (Spoiler)
Well, I would have added Melissa McCarthy more in the movie. She is such a funny actress that everyone enjoys to laugh with, that they should have had her more in the movie. Also because if the end scene they did open it up to have a fourth installment if they wanted to. Which may be just as funny. But I think they should have ended it just with this one. 

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