April 08, 2013

Tyler Perry made a movie without Madea? Sadly this is true. Temptation is just another Tyler Perry (TP) drama movie. TP out did himself on this very slow moving, story about a marriage counselor and what she was faced with through life. The only people important in the movie that everyone would know is Vanessa Williams, and Kim Kardashian, Not that I'm saying anyone likes Kim. The rest are no name people (Leave a comment if someone else is important).
This movie is not a happy movie. It shows you what happens with a marriage when the couple stops connecting. A long time into the movie and you start to wonder why you are sitting there watching it. Let me say again, there is no comedy in this movie. I would say wait till you can see it for free on OWN or BET.

What would I have changed? (Spoiler)
There is a lot I would change in this movie. How about we start with a happy ending. She gets AIDs and her husband leaves her, although she does cheat on him with another man. But they could have showed her with a new man maybe, something. She ends up all alone. TP you can do better. Something else that could have helped. maybe it could be more realistic. Everyone was connected in this movie. She feel in love with her husbands workers ex husband. Come on, the world is not that small.

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