April 08, 2013

Hold on to your butts. So they brought back Jurassic Park from 20 years ago, is it good. It is amazing. Jurassic Park is my all time favorite movie. So its unfair for me to give a review on this movie. But I will anyway. This is so so good, and you must see it in at least 3D. The dinosaurs are coming out of the screen and at you. I would not recommend taking someone who may have already saw this in theaters. As all the person next to me was complain about the movie.
There are classic people in the movie that you may not remember in the movie. As Samuel Jackson is in it, and Newmen form Seinfeld. They did such a good job with this classic movie. And remember they are making a 4th movie of this. And it comes out next summer. That will be a great movie also. I'm sure of it.

You must not wait to see this. As this is really good in 3D and IMAX. Which you do not have IMAX at your house. So stop reading this and go see Jurassic Park out in theaters now.

What would you change? (Spoiler)
Nothing. Case Closed.