Where to start on this Movie. Well at the beginning is good. The 2 actors in the movie are great comedians, separately.  Together they didn't hit it off right. Tina Fey is really only good with other comedians with dry humor, ie Alec Baldwin like in 30 Rock or Steve Carell like in Date Night.

The best part of the movie was any scene with Lily Tomlin. She was the funnest person in the Movie yet did not have a big part. The movie was so-so. It had its fair share of slow parts, with Lily added in there for comedy relief.  This movies ending, although I will not spoil it, did not have the happiest endings in the word. So all in all, Wait to see this in the RedBox, but only see it with a Free Promo code.

What I would have changed? (Spoiler)
There are very little things to change to have made this movie be really great. I would have had a different actor playing Paul Rudds part. I would have added some cameo actors in the movie. When Lily Tomlins character started to like that professor, I would have made that professor Tim Allen. They would have been really funny together. At the end, I would have liked to see Tina Feys kid. And Tina get the job. That would have made people, like me, leaving the theater happy.
Let me know what you thought.

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