July 23, 2021
By: Billy Joynt | July 23rd, 2021

'Joe Bell' opens in theaters nationwide Friday, July 23rd, 2021.

'Joe Bell' tells the intimate and emotional true story of an Oregonian father who pays tribute to his gay teenage son Jadin, embarking on a selfreflective walk across America to speak his heart to heartland citizens about the real and terrifying costs of bullying.

'Joe Bell' will bring out a lot of emotion in you, while this film gives you all the feelings, it does drag itself out and makes itself longer than it needs to be. With that said, the film does offer amazinf scenery while we watch Joe Bell on his journey across america.

Mark Wahlberg does shine through in this movie. He knows how to bring the emotion and make the audience watching feel for him and his character. Without Mark Wahlberg, I don't think this movie would be able to carry the emotion it needed to go across the screen.

This is a movie that you won't want to miss and expierence with family. Watch this film and it will make you feel a ray of emotions.

Rating: 3 out of 5
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