October 01, 2020
By: Jared Sims | September 30th, 2020

'The Glorias' is on Digital and Streaming Exclusively on Prime Video on September 30th, 2020.

Allow me to start off by saying I whole heartedly appreciate the shedding of light on the cause of woman equality. I’m all for the sex opposite of mine to have the chance to do whatever I do and have the same opportunities as me; a male. I don’t care about the color or the gender of anybody as long as they do their job well, but I’d be lying if I said Julie Taymor performed a job well done. Now, I may be at a disadvantage with reviewing a film that boastfully stands up for some things I disagree with, but this review is coming from a completely open mind to what the movie itself did for me.

Not a lot. At all. Possibly some of the worst pacing I've seen within a screen. Switching between the different ages of Gloria Steinem and the flash backs of those particular ages was just too much to keep up with. The art of story-telling is nowhere near present in this empty drag of a movie. If they decided to leave the two youngest ages out of it, the movie would’ve been MUCH better off. The first hour is filled with pointless scenes of her family that has almost nothing to do with her renown and empowering movement. It may have been accurate to her actual life story, but goodness, were trying to have an enjoyable watch here. I’ve sat through plenty of movies that have three or more hour run times, but when it comes to the amount of times I’ve checked my watch during a viewing, this one takes the cake. The absolute melatonin of movies.

For the most part, the acting came across as wildly unnatural, mostly credited to the writing, which sounded like it came from a 2008 christian movie. I don’t think Julianne Moore did a bad job, I just think that even though Gloria Steinem’s STORY is 100% movie worthy, Gloria Steinem as a person and character is not. She was too boring and plain in the portrayal to attract me to want to continually see her on screen. Her main solid moments were when she was telling off some preposterously overexaggerated jerk of a man, which could’ve used quite the upgrade as far as comebacks go. The film also attempted to attach us to characters on an emotional level that went right out the window for me, but possibly only because the movie’s quality put me in such a negative mood up until that point.

With all being said, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t a feminist. I have no faith that this movie will win a single person over that fits outside of that description. I’m not trying to take a shot at feminists in any way, I simply don’t believe that anyone else would actually enjoy this film. So, with that in mind, turn the tv off, put the remote down, and take a nice two and a half hour nap instead. Unless you want to use the first hour of this movie to help you get to sleep, of course.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Jared Jared Sims (Contributor) is born and raised in Tampa, FL. Loves writing music and watching movies while in high hopes of seeing himself on the big screen one day.
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