June 26, 2020
By: Billy Joynt | June 26th, 2020

You can stream THE SOUND OF MUSIC LIVE! free this weekend and join a live viewing party!

Image Credit: NBC - © 2013 NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC LIVE! is available from Friday, June 26 (2pm ET / 11am PT) for a limited 48-hour period on THE SHOWS MUST GO ON! Youtube Channel HERE.

Time Out and The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization are hosting live viewing parties of THE SOUND OF MUSIC LIVE! on Friday, June 26 at 8pm BST (UK) and 8pm ET (US).
You can follow along with The Sound of Music Twitter and Instagram, and on Time Out's Twitter and Instagram accounts for trivia and fun facts throughout the event.

Gather the whole family and use #SoundOfMusic on social media to be a part of the fun!
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