August 02, 2019

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is in theaters on August 2nd, 2019.

Hobbs and Shaw, first spin-off movie from Universal Picture’s huge and beloved franchise Fast and Furious finally release in theater this week. First, this franchise is getting bigger and bigger since 5 th series Fast Five. This series is no longer about just speed racing with theft but now it is huge action block buster that character fights with international terrorists and saving the world like Mission Impossible series. I believe if you already watched this F&F franchise, you know what to expect. People are not expecting this franchise/movie to see detailed, complex and well written scenario and plot, but great action, humor and fun.

This movie delivers everything that what we expect from the series. Yes there are great amount of actions, I mean a lot of actions almost non-stop in 135min. And yes, there are some sequence that does not make sense at all (some of them are MCU level of action...) and make me and audience laugh, and I believe that director and film crew knew it and intended to put that scene in, and directed that way. Yes this movie is absurd but we knew that it has been happening since 5, 6, 7 and 8 th (fighting with submarine? Yes) installment. But I don’t complaint because movie was very entertained enough and we all knew this is coming.

Also another huge part in his movie is humor. F&F franchise always contained certain level of humors but especially this one contains a lots. All those trash talks between The Rock and Jason Statham was always fun to watch. But especially one that I lied was chemistry of the cast and main characters. Luke Hobbs seemed more I felt like The Rock from the WWE attitude era (who was king of mike work), and Dekard Shaw was also fun as like Rick Ford from movie Spy (2015). It was always fun to watch their chemistry and interaction. But also there is one more character I want to focus on who is Hattie Shaw played by Vennesa Kirby. She was such character who is strong, passionate and charming. (I felt like she was similar like M:I series’s Elsa Faust played by Rebecca Ferguson, but I liked Hattie Shaw little more).

This movie is absurd, with simple, somehow you can say dumb plot but definitely it delivers pack of actions, good chemistry and humor which we all expect from this franchise and I am very satisfying with it. I believe the tone is little more brighter than regular F&F franchise and chemistry between Luke Hobbs and Dekard Shaw shows different vibe from relationship between O’conor and Torretto but I really liked it.

I will describe this movie as this movie feels like hint of Fast and Furious series + Lethel Weapon (best buddy movie) + Dead Pool (non-stop talking jokes, trash talk and more).

Overall this was very satisfying guilty pleasure movie with fun summer action block buster. It was very enjoyable and I am intend to watch in different format (I will try IMAX next time)

PS: I really hope they make sequel for this so I can see their chemistry again. (And they need Venessa Kirby for next installment as well.

Rating: 4 out of 5

HoBin HoBin (Contributor) currently works in Baltimore. He has been a fan of movies most of his life. He enjoys all genre's of movies but especially Action Thriller with Drama. He also enjoys playing/watching tennis.
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