March 08, 2019

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Captain Marvel is in theaters on March 8th, 2019.

Brie Larson steps into the captivating role of Captain Marvel for the MCU's newest superhero film. Along for the ride are MCU veterans Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg as younger versions of Nick Fury and Agent Coulson back in the 90's.

I want to keep my review brief as not to spoil anything for anyone. I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It did a great job adhering the successful MCU formula while at the same time creating its own distinct path and style. Since this is somewhat of a prequel to all the other MCU films, the first Captain America excluded, setting more directly in motion not only the origin and story of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel), but also the modern events we have come to clamor for in all of the Marvel movies.

I've seen some good and bad reviews already, and while it is always up to a person's own opinions and interpretations, Captain Marvel delivered the nostalgia and comfort that all of the Marvel movies deliver on, while construction and grounding a story that is totally new and refreshing. The acting is great, the story is compelling, and the 90's themed soundtrack was on-POINT.


Rating: 5 out of 5

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