March 08, 2019

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Captain Marvel is in theaters on March 8th, 2019.

Finally a Marvel film with a female superhero with the leading role! We have been waiting since Nick Fury paged her at the end credits of Avengers: Infinity War and here she is- Captain Marvel, hitting theatres this weekend. I did not have super high intentions going into this movie, mostly because I did not want to be let down. Saying that, I came in very open-minded. The movie for me was decent for the new era, but doesn’t carry the same excitement I’ve been having for these last few marvel movies.

The movie takes place in the 90’s where we are introduced to Ver aka Carol Danvers (Brie Larson). Ver does not remember her past, however, she does have dreams showing bits and pieces of it. She is preparing for a battle with her Kree mentor Yon Rogg (Jude Law). Their enemies are shape shifters called Skrulls. While on a mission, Ver comes face to face with one of these skrulls and ends up landing on planet C-53, aka planet Earth. Ver teams up with young Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to find these skrulls on Earth and end them along with trying to figure out her past.

I was really touched with the little tribute in the beginning of the movie to Stan Lee. The cat in the movie (Goose) really caught my attention and kept the whole theatre entertained. I loved the soundtrack, I am 90’s kid so it did bring me back while watching the movie. I felt the chemistry between Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson. Their arguments were clever, funny and both of them played really well off of each other. Also, I found the CGI incredible for Samuel L. Jackson. It really blended well and wouldn’t even be able to tell it was done if i didn’t know who he was.

The beginning and middle of the movie sort of drags for me. Maybe because being used to so many marvel sequels, I’m not used to watching backstories anymore. There were funny parts that kept me entertained that’s for sure, but I wasn’t so much focused on the backstory and just wanted the story to move on. The fight scenes were pretty bland, besides one in the opening sequence, there really isn’t a memorable fight.

I didn’t feel the connection between Carol and her friend Maria (Lashana Lynch). I feel like the relationship needed more of an emotional pull because iIt felt very forced. There wasn’t enough backstory or information for me to care more about this relationship. The movie doesn’t really go into much detail about what kind of powers Captain Marvel has and doesn’t really show us how strong she is. Like yes, I do understand that she’s very powerful, but what kind of powers are they? What can she do with the powers?

The final act was great, I enjoyed every part of it and was very much invested in it, really helped make the movie and helped me to rate the movie a bit higher. This movie definitely feels more like a filler leading to other things that feature Captain Marvel. I’m hopeful and excited to see what else they can do with Captain Marvel.

There is very strong female empowerment in the movie and I’m so excited for little girls to watch this film and have yet another female superhero to look up to on the big screen.

If you don’t already, stay during the final credits!

Rating: 3 out of 5

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