October 26, 2018

Indivisible is in select theaters on October 26th, 2018.

This movie is based on the real-life events of Darren Turner, an Army Chaplain who was sent to Iraq in 2007 and his emotional struggles that affects his family, his faith, and his marriage. Soon after joining the Army, Darren (Justin Bruening), was being deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom for 15 months as a battlefield Chaplain and having to leave his wife, Heather (Sarah Drew), and 3 kids.

For a faith based drama, this one touches a darker tone of a man of faith who faces conflict with his beliefs. Darren is forever shaken and changed by his deployment and now has to face his toughest challenge; the fight to save his marriage.

After Chaplain Darren Turner arrives on base, he and his wife Heather have their relationship put through the ringer. He tries to bond and offer guidance with his fellow troops through faith and prayer. While optimistic at first, through injury and deaths of people he has become close too, he is overwhelmed with the emotional weight that he has to shoulder. Darren and Heather both face different hardships but neither understands each other when he comes home. Darren is closed off and Heather struggles with keeping her family from falling apart.

Being an Air Force veteran myself, I understand his plight and know people who have struggled after coming back from war a changed person. The way it switches between battlefield and his family at home was well done. Heather is a well fleshed out character and the wives are given much more to do than just waiting for their husbands. They organize and comfort the military community while dealing with their own battles at home.

Although the elements of the movie are somewhat predictable and the script could use some work, there is enough here to enjoy. A realistic depiction of the side effects of war that is much appreciated.

Rating: 3 out of 5

WillWill (Contributor) has called many places home but now resides in Michigan. An Air Force veteran and avid movie goer who enjoys indie movies just as much as major blockbusters. He is also a technology enthusiast.
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