July 06, 2018

No Postage Necessary is in select theaters on July 6th, 2018.

Such a sweet and heartfelt movie, No Postage Necessary was directed by Jeremy Culver. It focused on a felonious computer hacker by the name of Sam (George Blagden). Sam, on probation after just getting out of jail, can only work a minimum wage job. Not being able to afford anything on his own, he lives with his brother. Before you know it, he begins to steal mail in hopes of finding enough money to make ends meet. It seemed as though Sam always ended up making the wrong decisions. That would soon change though, after stealing one very particular pink envelope and reading what was inside.

Charleene Closshey (Josie) played a young widow raising her only daughter with her father Jack (Raymond Barry). When Josie and Sam’s paths crossed, she thought it was nothing but fate. Sam fell in love quickly and knew he had to change his life around for the better, if he ever wanted a real chance of being with Josie. While we watch this soon to be tragic love story go down, there is a whole other debacle happing right under Sam’s nose. Co-worker and friend Stanley (Robbie Kay) hadn’t quite given up the computer hacking lifestyle. As bitcoins end up missing from Sam’s FBI agents black-market account, Sam is the first to be blamed. Knowing that this agent has broken the law before, just to put Sam in jail, Sam fears he will go to great lengths to do it again. Just what happens next, is left for you to find out?

I really did enjoy watching this movie. Two completely different people living different lifestyles end up coming together. It was everything but accidental and the implausible twists at the end are sure to keep you on edge. It was sappy and cute but also gave insight on the life of a felon. Not everything is set in stone and a second chance is possible when you try hard enough. I did however; find it slightly creepy when they brushed off stalking, as romance. Sam was flat out stalking Josie and that seemed to be deemed ok in the movie because he was “in love with her.”

Weird, but all in all if you’re down for a cute heartfelt movie than you should definitely check out No Postage Necessary.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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