June 29, 2018

Black Water is in select theaters on June 29th, 2018.

Black water was your typical action movie, minus a little bit of the action. The whole movie is based on a submarine, which can only get you so far. Your view consists of the inside of a metal, dark, submarine the entire film. As for the action, not much goes on other than some very bad shoot outs. Of course the guys with the automatic rifles miss everyone who stands in front of them, while the guys with the simple hand guns make all the kill shots from far away. There really wasn’t much of a back story when the movie started so I was a bit confused as to who the characters were and what the actual plot was.

Towards the middle of the film they finally start to open up about who everyone is and why this whole debacle is going down. An operative by the name of Wheeler, played by Jean- Claude Van Damme, awakens below the sea confused as to how he got there. Once he starts to remember and piece everything together he is quickly rushed into questioning. The acting within this movie was very “blah.” The scenes in which Wheeler was being questioned were very over dramatic as well. For instance, when one of the guys attempts to harm Wheeler with a knife/needle the dramatization was just overboard. Pun intended. Jasmine Waltz, playing Cassie Taylor, did very mediocre acting. I definitely was not a fan. However, no one in this film really put on their A-acting-game if you ask me.

If you’re looking for a “B-movie” action film, than I recommend watching this one. If your expectations are low, you won’t be too disappointed! I will admit though, this wasn’t the worst movie I have ever seen it just wasn’t the best either. I’d love to hear other thoughts on this film though, so feel free to comment below what you think.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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