June 22, 2018

American Animals is in select theaters on June 15th, 2018.

I was very excited to watch American Animals, especially after hearing all the hype. This movie is based on a true story and unlike other heist films, not everything goes as planned. Having the real “American animals” telling their story throughout the movie, gives true insight during that very thrilling but dangerous time. However, you could say, that not everything being told was indeed true.

You’re sure to watch things change before your eyes as those who remember one thing, soon remember another. This movie is exciting and kept me on edge the whole time. Evan Peters, playing Warren Lipka, lives a menacing lifestyle as he always seems to be getting into some kind of trouble. Barry Keoghan, as Spencer Reinhard, lives an almost perfect life as a developing artist. He often thinks back on those who thrived in artistry before him. Realizing famous artists such as Van Gough, Monet, and many others all had some traumatic event in which inspired their creativity. This made Spencer feel as though he needed something more in life in order to become a great artist.

A visit to the Transylvania University’s library provided impetus. Hearing the librarian unveil that it holds the most valuable books in the U.S., Spencer couldn’t let that information go unknown. After quickly telling his best friend, Warren, they conjure up a regretful plan. It entailed stealing the valuables right from under that librarian’s nose.

After developing what they believe to be the perfect heist, Warren and Spencer know they can’t do it alone. They soon dragged in both Chas Allen, played by Blake Jenner, and Eric Borsuk, played by Jared Abrahamson, into their master plan. However, any and everything that could possibly go wrong - did. The four teenaged boys quickly came to regret their choices. What they thought would change their lives in an inspiring way, has changed their lives forever in the worst way possible. If you’re up for some thrilling adventure and internal narration from multiple points of view, I recommend you see American Animals!

Rating: 4 out of 5

KelsiKelsi (Contributor) raised in Toledo and has been an avid moviegoer since she was little. In her down time you can always find her outdoors enjoying nature or catching up on the latest Netflix series! She’s a huge fan of thrillers, horrors, and comedies.
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