June 22, 2018

The Year of Spectacular Men is in select theaters on June 15th, 2018.

Lea Thompson (Back to The Future) makes her directorial debut in this coming of age comedy. Starring her real life daughters Madelyn Deutch as Izzy Klein and Zoey Deutch as Sabrina Klein - playing on screen sisters!

The movie centers around Izzy, a recent college graduate who’s going through a quarter life crisis. She moves from different cities with her sister, Sabrina who’s a famous actress. Izzy meets different men while her sister has been in a long term relationship. You go on a journey with these sisters as they lean on each other, and their mother for support.

I could relate so much to the experiences that were shown in this movie, relationships with men, both friendly and romantic. The highs and the lows, moments when you first meet someone and the disappointment when it doesn’t work out. I think Lea did a good job at showing how much women put up with and how strong we can be against whatever is thrown at us.

This movie is really funny and heartwarming. I loved Sabrina - she was hilarious and seeing the closeness of the sisters made me remember a lot of moments with my own sister.

If you liked Edge of Seventeen you’ll like this one!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

AshleyKAshley K. (Contributor) is a frequent traveler currently living in San Diego. She's a super nerd who enjoys all kinds of movies and doesn't always think the book was better.
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