September 22, 2017

R: September 22nd, 2017 | R: 101 minutes | R: PG

The Lego Ninjago movie follows Lloyd Garmadon and five of his high school classmates as they lead a double life of being normal teenagers mixed with being the ninja warriors that save their city of Ninjago. Lloyd however is fighting another battle because the villain that continuously attacks the city is his own father that goes by their last name of Garmadon.

Being a fan of legos and the last two lego movies released, I was excited about this one. After watching I think lego has really found a place in the movie world with their movies being so saturated with pop culture and jokes appropriate for both kids and adults.

I will say in comparison to the first two movies this one was a bit more tame but still a good movie to watch. It does have Jackie Chan in it too which helps a lot because how can one go wrong with Jackie Chan? Also the music played throughout the movie helps adds to the comedy as well as several other surprise elements such as a weapon and monster that reminds viewer that it is indeed a lego world.

I will say this movie might have added too many scenes of daddy issues because Lloyd and Gardmadon and after the first two it gets overplayed because the writers could have used that time to include more jokes or another fight scene or two. In my opinion this was the most emotional lego movie yet - not enough to bring tears to your eyes but more so an emotion of slight disinterest. The disinterest does not last long though as there are legos launched out of volcanos as well as sharks that make a nom-nom-nom noise.

If you're a fan of legos or the lego movies I suggest this movie for you. Also stay a little bit into the end credits because there's some outtakes with Jackie Chan.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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