April 07, 2017
Can These Old Pals Go Out In Style?
Oscar winning Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin team up in the comedy remake of the 1979 George Burn’s film of the same title Going In Style. The elderly ensemble play a group of lifetime pals, who are struggling to pay bills, in order to be there for their families. Desperate for money, they team up to pull off a bank robbery to save their homes.

This fast paced comedy works very well. It’s pretty much a mix of The Intern (2015) met The Town (2010) and due to the all-star cast, the movie is very entertaining. Michael Caine stands out in the group of friends. He is able to add a charismatic element to the character resulting in the lovable character of Joe. The Oscar winners are also able to add some emotional depth in the film locking viewers onto the screen. Along with the great chemistry of the cast, they make the preposterous concept of old men robbing a bank make sense under their circumstances. With much humor, the majority of the situations are pulled off. This film understands that it is a ridiculous concept but, results in an entertaining picture.

The problem with this film is that it feels very formulaic. It doesn't seem like something original. Also, there is something about the film that doesn't emotionally grasp you. When Going In Style tries to grab you in, it sometimes works but, there are a few noticeable times were you aren't engaged. Finally, this film never has that big laugh that you’d expect from a comedy of its nature, which is disappointing.

Going In Style mostly succeeds for what it is. The movie isn't great but, the Oscar winning cast make the film a fun ride. Once you get past the silly concept, the movie pulls you in for one of the first good comedies of this year. I don't think you need to rush to see this film because, it is not unique. However, it is worth seeing at some point. I think older generations,especially, will find this film funny, as well as, the adults and teens.

Over all, I’m going to give Going In Style a 3/5

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Cabell Cabell (Contributor) is a filmmaker from Tampa, Florida. He will watch just about any film but when he's not reviewing the latest hits he spends time directing films of his own.