February 10, 2017
John Wick is back and action packed as ever.
John Wick: Chapter Two picks up right where the first John Wick left off, so my advice is if you haven't watched John Wick (One), close you eyes for the first fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, John Wick: Chapter Two turns into its own kind of movie.

The action in this movie is off the charts good. You might not think that a movie could hold so much action after the first installment, but you will be wrong. This movie has so much action and fighting, that you won't want to close your eyes as not to miss anything during those scenes that make your gut turn.

Lucky news, the pencil scene is back. There is a certain scene when John Wick has a pencil and he uses it to take out a hit man. Good luck with your popcorn trying to stay down after that scene.
As to not spoil anything, certain fans maybe excited when they see Keanu Reeves has to work with an old friend.

If you like action, watch this movie. If you like to watch people get shot in the head, watch this movie. If you like long fight scene, watch this movie. If you like Keanu Reeves, watch this movie. There are so many reasons to watch this movie, that I think you should just watch this movie.

From what I could tell, most of the audience was ready for a third John Wick.
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3 out of 5

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