Review: Silence

Just how quiet do you have to be for Silence?
When you hear the name Liam Neeson, you think Awesomeness! At least that is what I think when I see his name on a poster for a new movie. Then you see Martin Scorsese is the writer, and you gotta go. Yes, Please.

Silence brings Church and God to the forefront and shows you what it was like to be a Christian in Japan, back in the day, as the year is not clearly stated when this took place.

Did we forget to mention that this movie has both Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver in it? Well they are, and even though Adam Driver seems to be the one with the weakest story line, I found myself question what he was doing during the film.

Oh, you thought we forgot to say how good Liam Neeson was, well you wrong. We only made him apart of this review as much as he was in the movie, only about five minutes worth. He wasn't even his normal self. He was a weak shell of a man, who for some reason couldn't beat anyone up. He had his own issues, and he didn't have a phone that he could use to tell people he would hunt them down. Maybe next time.

All in all, if you want to see a movie that has depth and character, see this movie. However with this long runtime, make sure you have a bucket of popcorn to help yourself get through the movie.

3 out of 5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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  1. Waay too long. Waay too slow.

  2. I thought the acting was fantastic-especially by Andrew. It was very interesting and well-done. It was extremely long, but I did not feel as if it was slow or ever seemed as long as it was. The end was a HUGE let-down. VERY depressing. Glad I saw it, but I thought the ending was horrible.

  3. I agree that it didn't feel long, it just was long. That ending was kind of a let down.

  4. This was an excellent take on the apostate priests of the 17th century in Japan. This movie brought to life the extent of the torture and oppression of the Christians living in Japan at the time. Ferreira was a real person in history and his last line of the movie was likely added to help the watcher have some empathy because, in the end, he recanted everything on his deathbed and ended up being tortured by the Japanese and died a martyr. I felt the story was a bit drawn out as there were scenes that probably could have been left out that would not have impacted the story. I loved the topic and appreciated a non-cookie cutter film to watch. Thank you so much for the passes, Mind on Movies!

  5. 'Non cookie cutter film' Yes!

  6. I wanted to see this . because of Driver, Garfield and Neeson. The only character I liked was Kichijiro. The movie was too long. The people around me couldn't sit still or refrain from talking or looking at their cell phones. I don't blame them. I saw this movie and wish I hadn't. I will and have recommended the movie to my friends and relatives that would appreciate the story.

  7. I enjoyed the movie but I did feel it was a bit long. I also think Andrew Garfield played an awesome role. The ending was not what I was expecting. Overall a decent movie.

  8. Quite = quiet

  9. I must have just had quit, like quit writing this review, on the mind.

  10. Celeste Tornwall FeliceJanuary 19, 2017 at 11:13 AM

    Agonizingly silent..

  11. Slow and punishing film.


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