Review: Live By Night

Does Ben Affleck bring gangster a new name?
If your a big Ben Affleck fan, then you might be finding yourself wanting to head out to the theater to see his newest movie, Live By Night. If you're more of a movie fan of gangsters, then you might also be in the path to see this movie. Other than that, I doubt you will stop your life to go and see this movie.

So I would agree that this movie is good. Ben Affleck does show off his directing skills in Live By Night, but I'm not sure what he wanted out of this movie, he just had too much going on. This movie is about the 1920 prohibition era. Now of course he had to include a love story, but then he had to include two love stories. Then he had to bring the KKK into it. Then Jesus.

There where way too many plots going on in this movie (See above). By the middle of the movie, you didn't even remember the reason Ben Affleck's character was becoming a gangster, just for them to bring the end of the movie with the close of what happened at the beginning of the movie. Confusing? Yea, then maybe don't go and see this movie.

I think, if your just looking for a flick to go see about the 1920s prohibition gangster, then see this movie. Make sure you purchase a bucket of popcorn to help you get through the movie during the slower parts.

3 out of 5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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natash12 said…
Good and interesting movie. Reminded me of the old film noir type films of the 30s and 40s.
Marty said…
To be honest I didn't think it was going to be anything more than just okay but I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was really good.
I liked the way the main character developed and how his 'business' and personal relationships worked into the story.
Elizabeth Parker said…
Bummer, I wanted to see this one.
pearldj said…
it was a pretty good movie as it seems very true at times, showing how it was back in the 20's and during prohibition and all the mafia dons and the greed that was back then, it reminds me a lot of the greed going on now with our possible new leader if he makes it that far.
Nicole McNeely said…
I am a fan of (good) gangster movies. I enjoyed this film a lot. I agree there were a few different plots going on at the same time, but I thought this was the perfect role for Ben Affleck to play. He actually surprised me. I thought he did an excellent job as director and especially as the main actor in it. Thanks Mind On Movies, again! :-)
Billy Joynt said…
I agree, Ben did great!
Nicole McNeely said…
Why did you have to make this about your political views?? Besides....the current (and soon to be gone) president has been the one who has corrupted America! The country realized this and voted.
Teresa Allen said…
I gave up a screening of Silence for this one. Wish I had not. I love the actors in this film and they did well, however, I found the script too cheesy. My husband loves these types of movies and I like him make the choice of which movie to see. He agreed that we made a mistake.
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