Review: Gold

Matthew McConaughey brings the gold performance for Gold.
Gold is something you might be thinking about going to watch in theaters, and if you’re like myself, you will see it. The fact of the matter is anytime there is a movie with Matthew McConaughey and it has to do with ‘real life events’ and it has him with trying to find something (gold in this case) we all sign ourselves up to see it. The real question is, should you?

Gold is just as it seems to be. It’s about a guy who goes crazy for gold. He tries to find it, creates a company and sells his shares. It's pretty basic.

The issue, for me, is the ‘real life events’ thing. This movie is about the real life events of some company who found gold, but ripped off the system and it's share holders. Now before you hate comment, this isn’t a spoiler, it’s real life stuff. The only issue then is that there is no real Kenny Wells, the character Matthew McConaughey plays. At least I couldn't find any on Google. Now if you find something more, leave a comment below and I’ll give you a personal shout out at my Will reading.

So the question I asked myself is, why did Matthew McConaughey look like he did? If you know the answer to this, please comment it. I’ll give you more shout outs. I got that he was a drunk, so he had to have the quote beer belly, but they didn’t have to make him look like some bum who is a gold digger in the 1840s. I'm sure some ladies won't appreciate this if they are going into this movie think they might see Matthew McConaughey shirtless or something. You might actually be sad when you do see him shirtless.

So all in all, head out to see this movie. It is actually a fun movie to watch.

3 out of 5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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Elizabeth Parker said…
Ha, he gained 40+ lbs for the role. At my screening, some of the ladies gasped (not in a good way...) when he took off his shirt -_-.
Billy Joynt said…
I didn't know he gained the weight, although I'm sure he lost it by now lol
Elizabeth Parker said…
Probably. Actors seem to be good at that.
Connie Ballarta Silva said…
I want to see this movie. I don't why he gained for the role.
Teresa Allen said…
I saw this with my husband. Surprisingly, I liked it better than he did. I like the twists in the plot and enjoyed the acting very much.
Jerry Strauss said…
Good flick. Great acting. Recommended 👍
charmer1 said…
Good movie. A lot of twists in the movie. It always kept you guessing of what will happen next.
Teddi R Penland said…
I was quite surprised at the end.
mattmarch said…
"In Tinseltown’s take (on the story), called Gold, the producers swap Matthew McConaughey for stocky executive David Walsh."

"Kenny Wells" is loosely based on David Walsh
joan bush said…
I did not get to see this movie. I will see it on matinee or on DVD.
charmer1 said…
The movie surprised me .You never knew what going to happen next.
Amy said…
Haven't seen this movie yet, I'd actually forgotten about it. After reading your review it's definitely sparked my interest again. I'll try not to have my expectations too high, but being a Matthew McConaughey fan, looking like a "bum" with a "beer belly" - now that I need to see! Haha ~ But seriously, I'm a movie lover and I am curious as to what my reaction will be (overall) after seeing Gold.
Thanks, Billy for the review!
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