December 09, 2016
Miss Sloane brings politics to the front line.
If you follow actors, then you know when you see Jessica Chastain on the bill for a movie, you might be thinking to yourself that this movie will be a good movie, and an award contender. You would be right on both accounts. Jessica Chastain is what makes this movie good. The way she carries her character along in the movie is what brings the movie to the fore front.

If you're thinking that you are over with politics after this elect, I would agree with you. I'm thinking this movie should have been released last year at this time, when the Presidential race was just starting. I'm thinking it will be hard to follow this movie after the craziness we all have just been through.

The beginning of the movie is hard to follow. It picks up really fast, which usually is a good thing because then it keeps the movie going. However, with a political drama, they need to slow down so the audience can catch up.

One of the issues I had in this movie is they had Jake Lacy have a southern drawl. To me it just seemed hard to believe as we have seen him in other shows without one, and it seemed forced. Think of his days on The Office. It's just hard to image Pete with that accent.

If you like Politics, then this movie may just be for you. If you are over all the politics after everything we have been through, then maybe skip this movie for now and catch it at a later date.

3 out of 5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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