Review: Trolls

Do you remember the Trolls being disturbing?

The tiny, well-liked Troll dolls are brought to the big screen in this movie that follows today’s trend of bringing back popular entertainment brands to theaters.

The Bergens are large, monster-like creatures that believe eating the Trolls on a holiday called “Trollstice” is their only way to be happy. For 20 years the Trolls find a safe haven free of their nemesis until they are eventually found and some are taken back to the land of the Bergens. Can the princess of the Trolls save her friends from being eaten? I must say that this movie made the Trolls look cute because the real life dolls are on a fine line of being cute/creepy. It also had the perfect level of jokes that were for kids and adults alike. It was a good mix of innocent jokes mixed with sarcasm that made the Troll’s journey more interesting.

That being said some of the jokes were slightly disturbing and in my opinion not appropriate for children. These jokes were far and few in between, though I heard several children and adults gasp at how shocking it was that the movie went there. Don’t let this discourage you however, because this film was really funny and is great to watch in theaters because the songs will have people dancing in their seats and the feeling is infectious. I also loved the fact that they mixed in classic rock songs that added adult humor to keep the grown-ups entertained which was hilarious.

Make sure to stay after the credits because there’s an extra scene at the end that’s worth sticking around.

3 out of 5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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Ashley Ashley (Contributor) is an Orlando native who loves watching movies. Her favorite genres include comedies, thrillers and sci-fi


Allyson Becker said…
Interesting plot. They do look funny though.
Rodriguez Babyangel said…
I loved this movie the colors were amazing and the movie was great for both my son and daughter to enjoy
dPPPd said…
Trolls is a good afternoon movie for the kids.
jimorris said…
TROLLS is a well-made animated film that the whole family can enjoy, esp. little girls.

joan bush said…
I loved this movie. Very colorful and a fun kids movie. Great music.
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