Review: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Jack Reacher is still one bad shut your mouth.

Jack Reacher returns to the big screen in this sequel to the 2012 film based on the book series from author Lee Child. The film follows Reacher (Tom Cruise) who is a loner that returns to his former military unit to meet with Major Susan Turner (Colbie Smulders). Although the duo have been solving cases across the United States, they had never met in person and this idea is thwarted once more when Turner is accused of espionage due to a government conspiracy.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back starts off hitting the ground running and doesn’t turn back (Tom Cruise running pun intended). True to the action thriller category, Reacher doesn’t disappoint in taking out his challengers in the most combative ways while the plot twists leave a suspenseful ambiance.

Having never seen the first movie of this series I liked that it wasn’t necessary to understand the storyline or the characters. I think the movie did a really good job of giving a feel for the characters leaving little room for confusion, which put me at ease.

Regarding the action thriller genre, this movie got so cliché at times to the point where in a way it was so bad that it was good. At first glance the plot was seemingly good until it turned out to be like most other storylines about a government conspiracy. Despite this there still were several times that I gasped or even jumped from an enemy sneaking up on Reacher, or attempting to anyway.

I did like how the movie showed a little bit of Reacher’s soft side as he encountered a 15-year-old girl who may or may not be his daughter. Known for being a legendary assassin and fighter, it was interesting to see Reacher grow a soft side toward the teenager despite being unsure of the paternity results. Also as for Tom Cruise running in this movie, he does a lot of it so there’s that plus the hand fights mixed with the explosions make for great visuals.

3 out of 5

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Michelle said…
Lover Jack Reacher the first one and looking forward to #2. The previews look awesome and I'm eager to see Tom cruise breal car windows with his fist. He's very talented and I enjoy tom cruise as a rugged tough guy who fights for the right cause!
Denny Lisagor said…
Great action-packed movie. Highly recommend it!!
Kevin said…
I really enjoyed it. An odd new trend seems to be going on for a while now. They keep showing in the commercial the scene where he jumps off the building, but it's shot from behind him and follows him for a little bit. I just noticed the same shot in the new "Logan" trailer. It also showed up in MI: Ghost Protocol, and of course Bourne Ultimatum. It's an interesting and neat looking shot, but it just seems as there's a lot of it being used lately. Maybe the new bullet time?
Daniel said…
Jack Reacher is back! Tom Cruise is great in these movies. Can't wait to see the next Mission Impossible movie too!
Andrew Stephens said…
Great action movie. Can't wait to see it!
joan bush said…
Great movie! Lots of action!
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