September 02, 2016

Morgan brings the mystery of an unknown movie.

From the trailer, Morgan may actually look like an interesting movie. There's mystery, who is this Morgan. A cast of mostly unknowns, and one person you may recognize from other shows. So you may think this movie will be one to see, well keep reading then.

Morgan relies on the mystery so much, that they forget that they need to layout the foundation to make the movie come together in the end. Although the ending does answer some questions, it won't answer why this is happening, or why Morgan even had to be around.

If you want to see this movie, do it at your own risk. Gore is in this movie a lot. They don't shy away from blood over spilling on someone when they die.

This is a movie you should wait and see it when its on a movie channel for free. Maybe DVR the movie and watch it on your own time, so when you don't like it you can just walk away from it.

3 out of 5

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