Decoding Annie Parker

A movie you will want to see.

Decoding Annie Parker is a based on true events type of a movie. This movie is really about Annie Parker and almost every woman in her family line having breast cancer. Annie Parker ends up meeting geneticist Mary-Claire King who thinks there is a link between DNA and cancer. SO this movie is about these women overcoming the odds and teaching us all a valuable life lesson.

Maggie Grace and Helen Hunt are the leading ladies in the movie. They are able to capture this role so well in the movie. Helen Hunt especially. She just knows how to become the doctor we all want to win and be right during the whole movie. Helen Hunt is a great actress.

Aaron Paul is unrecognizable in this movie. He does have a great part in the movie. It will just be hard for you to believe you are watching Aaron Paul on the screen. Rashida Jones plays a nurse, as she loves doing. And because this is a retro style movie, taking place in a different era, she looks fantastic.

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