March 28, 2014

Can Arnold live in up in this new movie?

As I am sure Arnold Schwarzenegger won't get a lot of slack for making this movie. You may actually want to see this movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger knows how to act, so he's not that bad to watch on the big screen. Sabotage is rated R though, and that means you may not want to bring the children to see this movie.

Sabotage is a hard R. There is nudity in the movie, now sometimes the nudity can be good. With class nudity can be alright in a movie. This is stripper nudity. So the nudity has no class, its just naked girls who belong in an alley way, stripping on a pole. Also the guts are there. When people get shot or die, they are not afraid to cut the shot. They let you watch the blood and guts go everywhere.

The movie was kind of like a murder mystery movie. You (the audience) had to be the detective and figure out what was happening and who was doing the murders.

You should probably wait and see this on DVD in the form of Red box or something. It may not be to your liking. So you should just pretend you saw the movie and I am sure people will trust you and you can get away with that.

The good this about Sabotage, is that the movie was nothing like the trailer. The trailer of the movie shows one thing. Then when you see the movie it goes a completely different way. Which is great. Everyone hates a movie trailer that spoils almost the whole movie, or even it spoils the whole movie.

1.5 out of 5

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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