January 24, 2014

Gimme Shelter or Gimme a nap?

Gimme Shelter, which is based on true event, is a powerful movie about a pregnant teen looking for a shelter because she wants to get away from her nasty yellow toothed mom. This is a movie you should try to enjoy on the LifeTime Network. It is very slow, and with a commercial break every fifteen minutes might help to keep you to stay involved in this slow moving movie.

The Acting from Vanessa Hudgens and Brendan Fraser were actually great. They seemed so into character it was hard not to believe that Vanessa Hudgens wasn't the girl this happen to. Brendan Fraser played a jerk, which is has down to a t. However he does become the sweet man you want him to be.

James Earl Jones was in this movie as well. It was a nice surprise to see him. He knew his part really well, and was on key on how he was able to have the audience listen to the words he was saying. The movie did have a good following, and a message in the end for all to learn a lesson.

Make sure you stay during the credits to see actually photos of the real characters in the movie.

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1.5 out of 4

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
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