Another product movie?

Jobs is a great movie. It will show you the life of Apple creator Steve Jobs. You would think that a movie of this nature would keep you excited throughout the entire movie. As you watch Apple grow into it's big success it is today. Sadly this is not the case.

The movie is a bit slower then you will expect. There will be times when you will be going through the excitement that Steve went through. It's just not enough to justify the movie.

If you saw the trailer for this movie you will see all the excitement. On this movie the trailer has more edge of your seat excitement then the movie did. They needed to bring some of that excitement, and put it in the whole movie, it would have picked it up tremendously.

There will be some new things you will learn about Steve Jobs, that you probably never knew about or will know about. The similarities that Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs has is remarkable. You won't even believe the closeness.

Ashton Kutcher gives off a great performance. You will be cheering for Steve in the last thirty minutes of the movie, all because as you look at Ashton, you will be right there with him. All will enjoy this film.

3 out of 4

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
Well honestly, I'm not to sure how much of this movie is true. So I am unable to be able to change any of this. If this is how it actually happen, then I can't change it.

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