5 reasons Nicolas Cage should be in Getaway

The new movie Getaway comes out in theaters this Friday, August 30th. The movie stars Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez. They cast this movie incorrectly. Here's a list of why they should have cast Nicolas Cage as the main character driver instead of Ethan Hawke.

Nicolas Cage and Jon Voight have great chemistry.

If you saw the National Treasure movies with Nicolas Cage, then you already know Nicolas and Jon work well together. It would have clicked more with Nicolas in this role.

Nicolas knows how to drive fast cars.


The movie Drive Angry is all about Nicolas driving a car to chase the men who killed his daughter. Nicolas would be good driving the car in Getaway, because he already knows how to drive those fast type cars.

Nicolas Cage knows how to work with braty kids.

Selena Gomez stars in Getaway as a annoying girl who ends up being with Ethan Hawke. Nicolas Cage had a annoying kid in the movie Knowing. SO he can defiantly handle Selena.

Nicolas has great facial expressions.

Getaway has Ethan Hawke in a car for 95% of the movie. With Nicolas Cage having great facial expressions like he knows in the movie Face Off, he could add those expressions in this movie as he drove.

Nicolas Cage believes in Justice.

In the movie Seeking Justice, is about a husband (Nicolas Cage) enlists the services of a vigilante group to help him settle the score, after his wife is assaulted. Justice ends up being served in the movie Getaway.

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