Fast is the only thing this movie has.

Getaway is the new movie this weekend with Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez. The movie has a bad concept from the start of the movie. It's very generic like any other car chase movie you may have seen.

It's surprising that they did get a big name actor, Jon Voight, but they didn't use his face until the end of the movie. The whole movie you only hear his voice and see his lips. Although personally, I didn't think they were his lips, the facial hair he had around his lips seemed like it was on a younger man.

The movie starts off with Christmas music playing. Now I am a huge fan of Christmas music, but when you know the time period is Christmas, you will feel during the movie like that's when the movie should have been released. They should have released this movie around Thanksgiving. That would have made more sense with this movie.

The best part of the movie was the whole car scene when the camera angle was the front of the car as Ethan's character drove in a chase. For those few minutes, it will be really exciting for you as you watch it. They could have done more shots like this during the movie, it would have added more pow to the movie.

1 out of 4

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)

Well of course they should have released this movie during Thanksgiving. This movie had Nicolas Cage written all over it. They should have had him in this movie. It couldn't have been any worse then it was already. They could have gaven Selena Gomez's character a name in the movie. It's hard to believe we would never know her name, but it is.

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