Is this a movie really about a slow snail?

Turbo is about a snail that gets in a freak accident that might just help him achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500. Really what this movie was about was a relationship between brothers. When you see the movie, you will notice that it is more to teach kids about brotherly love then winning a race.

The animation on this movie was outstanding. Everything was so life like. When it starts up, your watching a car race, and you won't believe that it is animated. This is how all animated movies should be like.

Samuel L. Jackson plays one of the snails that Turbo runs into along his new journey. Jackson is the funniest snail in the whole movie. I found the jokes he did to be very enjoyable and laugh out loud funny.

Turbo is the type of movie that everyone will enjoy. It is great for the kiddies, it will keep them entertained through the movie. With the adults enjoying the movie as well. If you are an animated movie fan I would recommend seeing this movie in 3D. The effects from the 3D are worth it to see it.

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)

More Samuel L. Jackson screen time. He was way too funny to not have more time on the screen. I wouldn't have had the birds keep coming down and "taking" the snails. I do realize that this was funny for us adults, but for kids to see this, it could upset them.

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