June 07, 2013

This movie was much better then I thought it would be about. This is only because of Nick Offerman and Moises Arias. They played really funny characters. If they were not in the movie, it would really have no comedy aspect in it. This was really just about a couple of kids coming of age.

It is oddly set in Ohio, and the three kids are extremely well builders. Honestly, they could get a job being a builder tomorrow. Of course in the movie there must be a love interest and the kid has to be the one that loves her. It's kinda a typical movie. But with the added of Nick Offerman, it was way to funny.

The movie's run time was one hour and thirty-three minutes. As I feel they needed to add more random stuff in the movie to make it over the one hour thirty minute mark. Which did not add anything to the story line of the movie and was really random. I would say wait to see this one on Redbox. It is not a must see, unless you have a kid that wants to run away. He will see its not a good idea to live in the woods.

What would I have changed? (Spoilers)
Well I would not have the kid, Joe Toy, kill the rabbit in the movie. Or at the very least not watch him skin and cut the rabbit. I would have added more screen time with Nick Offerman's character. As for he made the movie comedy gold.