Monsters University

Can a prequel of a animated movie over 12 years old be any good?

Yes it can be. I found myself laughing while watching this movie more then I thought I would. This movie really has something for everyone. It is a great movie for the kiddies, and it's even good for us older kids who were around when the first movie came out.

I think most of the young adults will get many jokes in this movie. Especially if you went or are still attending college. They made it seem close to actually really going to college. 

The storyline is actually really good. It keeps the speed of the movie going, so you are still involved in the movie. Another good thing about Monsters University is it stays true to the original movie. Some characters have cameo's who you will remember from the original movie.

The 3D on this movie is very impressive. Although all animated movies are really good in 3D. 

What would I have changed? (Spoiler)
This movie was really good, there's not to much that actually needed changing. They could have added more cameo voices from famous celebrities. That would have just added more buzz about the movie with the older adults.


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