Who Are The Real Bling Ring

The new movie The Bling Ring is set to release nation wide this Friday, June 21st. The movie is about some teens who robbed celebrities back in 2009. In the movie you see the fame life of these kids, but they do not actually show what the kids really look like and what happen to the real teens. Well with further ado, see below.


Role - The leader that started all of this.
Sentenced - 4 years of jail time.
Real Life
Rachel Lee
Role - the alleged ringleader who first came up with the plan to rob celebrity homes.
Sentenced - 4 years of jail time, but only served one year and four months.


Role - Rebecca's best friend, One of the main persons involved in the break ins.
Sentenced - 4 years of jail time.
Real Life

Nick Prugo
Role - Rachel's best friend, Bling Ring lookout and the eventual star witness for the prosecution of his friends
Sentenced - 2 years but let off early for time served and good behavior.


Role - Wanna be famous model/actress. Helped with the robberies but seemed to not take any blame.
Sentenced - 1 years of jail time, released after 30 days.
Real Life
Alexis Neiers
Role - the most famous member of the bunch, who happened to be starring on a reality TV show, "Pretty Wild," at the time of her arrest.
Sentenced - Jail term of 180 days, released after 30 days


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