April 26, 2024
By: Logan Wischmeier | April 25th, 2024

Boy Kills World is a new action/thriller starring Bill Skarsgård as the title character, Boy. The premise for this one is pretty straight forward, but different enough to intrigue me a ton going into the film. When Boy was a child, his family was killed, and he became deaf during the attack. He has spent years in the jungle training to get revenge on the people who murdered his family, all the while choosing a video game character’s voice as his inner dialogue moving forward.

I had a ton of fun with Boy Kills World! My immediate comparison is a lower budget Bullet Train in tone, with a mixture of John Wick level action as well. This is a bloody, R-rated action-packed film, and is surprisingly funny at times too! Bill Skarsgård is absolutely ripped to shreds and does a ton of his own stunts, which is always great to see. This definitely helped with what we see on screen, allowing the director to not need to hide stunt doubles with camera cuts as often. With his character unable to speak, Skarsgård does a fantastic job with only facial expressions and body language to give us a solid performance.

This film is directed by Moritz Mohr, who I had never actually heard of prior to this. With what he was given, I think he does a phenomenal job with this project. While I wouldn’t hang any shots from this one on my wall, the action is incredibly well shot, allowing you to see every detail and stunt that you could desire. He has a really great style that I could see being inspired by video games and anime, and he pulls it off! I can honestly say I saw some gags with guns in this movie that I’d never seen before, and audibly said “Woah!” as few times as well.

Overall, I was massively surprised by Boy Kills World! Will this one be winning any Oscars? No, it will not. But did I have a blast watching and could actually see rewatchability being pretty high thanks to the great action? Yes! If you’re looking a great time at the theater this weekend, I highly recommend giving Boy Kills World a shot. I’d be very surprised to hear anyone say they left the building not feeling entertained.

BOY KILLS WORLD is in theaters only, on Friday, April 26th, 2024.

Rating: 4 out of 5
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