October 21, 2022
By: Ashley Bell | October 21st, 2022

'Black Adam' is DC Universe’s latest film starring the Rock as the title character. As the city Kahndaq faces unjust rulers, there is a need for a hero to save them.

The trailers for Black Adam do a great job of not telling viewers much about the film until you’re in the theater. Trading in DC Universe’s usual dark visuals, Black Adam brings a good mix of comedy and action from the beginning.

The Rock along with a cast of actors including Aldis Hodge, Pierce Brosnan, and Noah Centineo help to push the balance of movie genres along. As many people are introduced to characters that deep fans of the comic are familiar with, the cast helps to make a connection as if we have known them all along. The dialogue and bond between them are just enough to engage curiosity and understanding. As expected, the Rock plays himself as he typically does but it is evened out with the screen time being shared among the well-known cast members.

On the other hand, going into the unknown of not knowing the characters and jumping into a plot that has some disconnections is jarring. Throughout the two-hour runtime, there are moments where you might question “should I know this already?”. The detachment of loud music that does not always fit mixed with an overabundance of slow-mo scenes slows down the momentum of the film as well. This leads to a feeling of up and down interest that can be solved by leaving the film at the highest surface level of watching.

In the end, Black Adam delivers a performance worthy of bringing the DC Universe on track to success. Make sure to stay past the end for one mid-credit scene.

'Black Adam' is in movie theaters October 21st, 2022.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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