August 20, 2021
By: Billy Joynt | August 20th, 2021

'Reminiscence' is in Theaters and HBO Max on August 20th, 2021.

The idea if this movie is interesting. Set in the future and using memories to remember the good old days, sounds like a perfect sci-fi type of movie, and Huge Jackman, what could go wrong? Well a lot actually.

Nicolas Bannister, a rugged and solitary veteran living in a near-future Miami flooded by rising seas, is an expert in a dangerous occupation: he offers clients the chance to relive any memory they desire. His life changes when he meets Mae. What begins as a simple matter of lost and found becomes a passionate love affair. But when a different client's memories implicate Mae in a series of violent crimes, Bannister must delve through the dark world of the past to uncover the truth about the woman he fell for.

This movie is filled with so many plots that they talk about but we never actually see, this wouldn't be an issue, but the plots they talk about are actually better than the plot we are watching on screen. There are a few scenes that are exciting, but the majority of the film just lacks.

The movie could have been filled with so much more cool sci-fi things, since it's set in the future, however it just seems like we have a boring future who are guled to the tv's of our own memories and we don't do anything exciting.

For half the film Huge Jackman and others keep talking about the 'great wars' and what side people fought for, now that's a movie I would be interested in. Huge Jackman fighting in a war which seems like the last war for all of times. I wonder if this film can do a prequel and focus on that.

The good news about this movie is it is on HBO Max. So you can stay at home and watch this one, so when you are bored with it, you can change to something else and see something more exciting.

Rating: 2 out of 5
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