February 01, 2021
By: Logan Wischmeier | February 2nd, 2021

'Minari' is in Theaters on February 12th, 2021.

Minari is the newest film from A24! It stars Steven Yeun and Han Ye-ri as husband and wife in a Korean family that moved from Korea to America and are beginning a new life in Arkansas.

The family dynamic in Minari is strong. What I love the most about this movie is how real it feels. This is a family struggling for every dollar it makes, and they’re trying to make a life for themselves by starting a farm. The stresses of finding water, harvesting crops and just finding a buyer are enough to raise the tension in this film on their own, but the uncertainty of whether the farm can succeed or if they should bite the bullet and move back to California to live a tough life in chicken farms really make you feel for this family.

The cast is absolutely fantastic all around. Having watched many seasons of The Walking Dead myself, I’ve always been a big fan of Steven Yeun and he doesn’t disappoint here. Han Ye- ri is a great lead opposite Steven, you can really resonate with her through this performance. Alan S. Kim is also a young breakout star in Minari. As just a second grader, I was impressed by what he brought to the movie and I think he’ll have a great career ahead of him! I was also incredibly impressed by Youn Yuh-jung, who plays the grandmother of the family. She shows incredible range in this film, and she really was the heart of the whole thing for me.

Overall, Minari is definitely a slow burn, with great performances, and a heartwarming story in the end. I’d recommend it if you’re looking to have a few laughs, and maybe even a few tears as you follow this family for a short but very important moment of their lives. I enjoyed it and I think many of you will too!

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

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