June 10, 2020
By: Billy Joynt | June 10th, 2020

'The King of Staten Island' is on On Demand June 12th, 2020.

'The King os Staten Island' brings Pete Davidson showcasing his real life story of his father as a fire fighter. While the idea of the movie sounds good, it doesn't get preformed too well on screen.

While this movie has all the right momentum to be a 'Coming of Age' Summer time movie, it misses the mark. It misses it so bad that it takes a left turn at the too long runtime mark, and keeps going. The idea was there, it just gets missed. It seems like this movie gets split into two different films, that they tried to push together into one long film, and doesn't blend well.

Ideally if this movie started with the last ninety minutes, it would have had a different effect. As that's the time the movie picked up speed and offered a different take on the theme of the movie. This movie also fell in the hole of, all the funny bits are in the trailer. While the movie itself will make you laugh three or four times, don't count on too much comedy coming from this movie.

While the performances from everyone involved, including Pete Davidson, Marisa Tomei, and Bill Burr are decent, it just seems like they don't mesh well together as a 'family' and seems to be placed in an odd situation. I think the chemistry between Tomei and Burr missed the mark, and the lack of focus on them was not helpfully.

The shining star in this movie was the sound track. It was on point for the whole movie, and it was a good mix of newer songs with those classics we like to hear. You will want to download the sound track after you listen to all the songs in this movie.

This is a movie to wait and see when it is on one of your free movie channels. I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about others seeing this one before you, you dodged a bullet. Stick with just watching the trailer, pretend you saw it, you will get the gist of the movie from the trailer alone.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

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