May 28, 2020
By: Billy Joynt | May 28th, 2020

'The High Note' is Premiering On Demand May 29th, 2020.

When you first hear Tracee Ellis Ross and Ice Cube you may seem interested, then you hear Dakota Johnson and you're like, ok I'll give it a watch for Tracee and Ice Cube, that is a good mind set to go into for 'The High Note.'

Tracee Ellis Ross is a hot actress right now, while she is most notable from 'Black-ish' she still brings her skills in this movie, and Ice Cube is just sprinkled throughout the movie just to bring a little, and I do mean little, comic relief. Tracee is what brings this movie together, but for some reason they focus too much on Dakota Johnson, while she tries to figure out her life and has the normal troubles of living life.

The character Dakota plays is an interesting one, Maggie. While you won't understand how she can make so much money, but still need to have a room mate, but be able to afford things the average person can't afford, this is not the only plot holes this movie features. Maggie is just your typical character, nothing new we have not seen before. I was always waiting for more to happen, but Maggie just lays flat.

While Tracee has her performances during the movie, her voice doesn't carry the same weight as her mother, Diana Ross. At times I felt it is because of the in home release. The volume seems to not take you and put you in a concert feel, as I was hoping for. I was hoping this would make me feel like I was watching a live performance, making me feel excited to be watching a live performance.

This movie needed to be more about Tracee's character, Grace. As you watch, you are itching to know more about Grace, and what she is thinking, and why she became so stagnant in her career. While they pack a bunch of information in the last ten minutes of the movie, it needed to be set throughout the film.

Something I think this movie missed was an in theater showing. With everything going on, they should have just delayed this movie. If this had the big screen, with the big volumes, it might have been better.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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