February 24, 2020

To kick off this year’s festival season, Cinetopia Film Festival is delighted to bring two smash hits with strong Southeast Michigan ties from the Sundance Film Festival to Ann Arbor for their Midwest premieres.

Direct From Sundance will take place at the Michigan Theater in downtown Ann Arbor at 8pm over two nights: The Last Shift (2019) will play on Wednesday, February 26th, and Dinner In America (2020) plays on Thursday, February 27th. Both screenings will feature a post-film conversation with the director and cast.
The Last Shift features Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins who shines as a fast food worker calling it quits after 38 years ruling the restaurant’s graveyard shift. His final work task is to train his young replacement (played by newcomer Shane Paul McGhie) in Ann Arbor native Andrew Cohn’s serio-comic narrative debut set in Albion, Michigan.
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Adam Carter Rehmeier’s Dinner In America stars Kyle Gallner (who headlines the new CBS All Access series Interrogation) as an on-the-lam punk rocker and Tony nominee Emily Skeggs as a young woman obsessed with his band who cut a swathe of foul-mouthed destruction through Detroit's suburbs in this deliriously combative misfit love story.
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