August 23, 2019

Ready or Not is in theaters on August 21st, 2019.

Ready Or Not hits theatres this weekend! Honestly, when I first watched the trailer it looked fun, therefore I was curious, I can’t really deal with a lot of gore so that was sort of holding me back. BUT I prepared myself, toughened up and checked it out and it was so much fun!

Grace (Samara Weaving) is getting married to Alex Le Domas (Mark O’Brien). His family is very wealthy due to the fact that the family produced different types of board games. On the night of their wedding, Alex tells Grace that in order for Grace to be accepted in the family, they must all play a game with each other. In order to pick exactly which game they are supposed to play, Grace has to take a card out of a mysterious box. She does this and it says Hide & Seek. The family gives her 100 seconds to hide, and tells her in order to win, she has to stay hidden until dawn. Grace at first isn’t taking the game very seriously, until she learns that once the family finds her, they have to kill her.

The movie’s violence is fun and has a dark, hilarious take on rich people and in-laws. The combination between the comedy and horror/thriller worked very well. The movie does a fantastic job at building tension to the hunt while also letting the audience get to know the Le Domas family.

The production was really good. Given one of the big themes in the film is how the rich are really different, it was set in an incredible, enormous mansion. It was immaculate and the lighting in the mansion was very beautiful.

Samara Weaving was fantastic, every moment she was on the screen she shined. You can see every single emotion she felt that night on her face. The audience sympathizes with her along with having the exact same reactions she has. The audience was on team Grace, hoping she would make it out alive at the end. I would love to see more of Samara Weaving, regardless of how identical she looks to Margot Robbie. The ending was also really great, one of the best horror endings I’ve seen in a while.

This movie is a lot of fun! If you can handle gruesome gore, I definitely recommend watching it this weekend!

Rating: 3.7 out of 5

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