May 03, 2019

Long Shot is in theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

Long Shot is the new romantic comedy starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen. The premise is simple; could a potential female Presidential candidate fall in love with a goofy, informal journalist and still be a successful politician?

I thought this movie was hilarious. The chemistry between Theron and Rogen is spot on. The use of an R-rating worked well with this script. Instead of over-using language or nudity to push for a raunchy movie, the script feels more realistic. An R-rating used in this way helps to connect with characters because they don’t feel like a writer wrote each line to lean a certain way. The script plays just like normal people in these situations might speak to one another. The cast surrounding the leads are also great. June Diane Raphael and O'Shea Jackson Jr. are the leads right hand people. Seth and O’Shea have fantastic chemistry, and although their characters are very different in the movie, you feel like they’ve been best friends for years. June plays Charlize Theron’s chief advisor in the film. She does a great job of toting the line between wanting what is best for Theron, while also being somewhat of a villain in the film to Rogen’s character.

The main villain of the film is played brilliantly by Andy Serkis. His character is the owner of a giant media conglomerate that is known for leaning to one side in terms of news coverage. His character helps the audience realize that, although over the top, most of the characters and themes in the movie are based on real life people and situations. In terms of the political side of things, I think they did a fantastic job of not necessarily leaning too far one way or another, in terms of pushing agendas. There are characters that are obviously Republicans and Democrats in the film, and they somewhat say as much in the film, but political parties aren’t the message of this film, and the story won’t divide audiences in any way.

Overall, I thought Long Shot was a pleasant surprise! While in some parts its humor is crude, and the story is somewhat unbelievable due to the characters situations, the mission of the movie is to point those details out and make light of the fact that these characters really do like each other. This movie is somehow cute, and I wasn’t expecting that at all. I highly recommend you check it out in theaters. It’s a nice change of pace after last week’s Avengers explosion, and I think you’ll have a lot of fun and laughs whenever you check this one out for yourself.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

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