May 06, 2019

El Chicano is in theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

El Chicano brings a more realistic and very human approach to the “superhero” table. It’s a movie that punches you right in the heart and then uppercuts you. Although I’m not familiar with any legends that may surround the plot, I did thoroughly enjoy the movie. It felt real in the sense that this is something that could happen anywhere and that real people may take things into their own hands. The acting and emotion given by the cast was beyond what I was expecting. The humor was given off at the right times to alleviate tension but not completely mask it.

I would honestly prefer this as a TV show rather than a movie with a suspected sequel. The majority of the plot would be better explained or executed if it wasn’t constrained to a two hour time mark. The movie was done well with what they were given and I hope that this inspires more filmmakers and studios to take a chance on what isn’t mainstream at the moment.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Jazzlynn Jazzlynn (Contributor) is from Dallas. She's an avid gamer and watcher of anime. She usually spends her time either taking pictures of her cats, rewatching every horror movie in existence, or reading about crazy people doing crazy things.
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