February 22, 2019

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is in theaters on February 22nd, 2019.

The final installment of this amazing trilogy is finally here, but is it worth the tears you may shed while watching? Absolutely. This visually stunning and high stakes plot will give you the ending you want, even if you aren’t ready to say goodbye. Toothless, the Night Fury Dragon, captivated audiences for the first time on screen back in 2010. His adorable antics, the relationship he has with his rider Hiccup, and the playful yet protective animation had everyone falling in love. There is no shortage of that in this film. There is everything we have come to love and more with this movie.

We also see Hiccup and Toothless enter the next big stage in their lives, the responsibility of becoming a leader. Each with their different yet extremely similar dilemmas, they embark on the last leg of their journey together. One thing I was impressed by is the advancement of the animation style. Everything that I didn’t know could be improved, got so much more visually appealing. The movement of the characters, the coloration, and the special effects are all enhanced to allow you to fully absorb what you’re seeing.

The story includes just enough to keep the children entertained and just enough to keep the adults laughing. Even if you hate goodbyes, this is a movie you will want to see. The movie will leave you with a satisfying ending to a series many have fallen in love with.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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