January 28, 2019

Stan & Ollie is in select theaters on January 11th, 2019.

This movie had a lot of ups and downs to be honest however I felt like they were able to press the right buttons and end with solid film.

To begin with the cinematography was honestly pretty freaking amazing. Right off the bat the lighting and overall aesthetic of the film pretty impressive. It didn’t really waiver at any point, at least from what I noticed. The overall feel of the film was crisp and sharp but still had a nice 50’s theme front and present. On top of the old school look the whole film was reminiscent of that early slapstick style comedy that kicked off peoples love for these acts. It was also interesting to see how they incorporated the slapstick into the “real life” of the characters as the film progressed. Especially during the big argument scene that took place.

There was one scene that was kind of the big lead up to the climax and to be honest it seemed rather poorly timed. Like everything felt fine about 2 seconds before they started talking and now they absolutely can’t stand each other. But besides the bad timing it was super effective. Along with the ending being some classic slapstick, but it was super relaxed and wasn’t over the top. It was just really well done. On top of being the first time I felt any type of real emotional connection to the characters!

One of the bigger issues I had with the film was that for the majority of it I didn’t care. I did not feel any major type of emotional relation to the characters. The biggest shift in this was rather close to the end. It was like we got all of the character development smack at the end of the film.

John C. Reilly looked absolutely amazing. On top of a super stellar performance by both him and Steve Coogan the acting definitely hit the mark.

Overall the film was a little lackluster in some of the technical aspects, however it was still very entertaining and showed a neat little portion of the history of some old school comedians.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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