January 18, 2019

Glass is in theaters on January 18th, 2019.

It took 19 years to make sequel for Unbreakable. 2 years ago, Split made us surprise not only because of its box office hit or incredible performance of MaCavoy, but it’s after credit scene. Yes, credit scene shows that Split was shared same universe with Unbreakable, and that credit made us to expect sequel! Everybody wants to watch Glass and excited that how this movie will tie universe and characters between Unbreakable and Split. And like M Night Shamalan’s other movies, this movie has its own unique dark and deep tone.  

Personally, I felt that this movie isn’t entertaining and it does not mean that movie was bad. Trailer seemed contains lots of actions scenes but this movie is completely different from the regular Hollywood hero blockbuster. Of course, there are some great action scenes but if you expect action packed hero movies like MCU or DCEU you will be disappointed.  And I was surprised that how small the movie’s scale. Story was not big like other hero movies but more likely I can say that this movie is more psychotic thriller. Even though movie’s visual and actions are not bold, this movie keep holding calm but also keep the tension in entire movie. (It is funny that calm and tension is two opposite antonyms but I really felt that during entire runtime I felt both calm and tension all together). And that is unique tone of this movie. Because movie keeps its tone until the end (climax) I felt that movie’s flow seemed very slow. There were not much dramatic changes, or tone shift until the end therefore some people may feel that movie is too long or too slow. Overall story flows very slow pace and slowly building up to the end but I felt that same thing in Unbreakable or Split.  

If you expect something bold, something big, and dramatical unity of Unbreakable and Split universe, you may disappoint, but this move was very calm and slow-paced thriller which was unique and enjoyable to me. I felt that overall movie’s tone and flow seemed closer to Unbreakable than Split. Cast’s performance was wonderful. Since the Split, MaCavoy showed incredible performance, and both Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson did their job. The way I felt in this way is, because MaCavoy has most of screen time (because of his characters) but also movie took long time (slowly) for Samuel Jackson (Mr. Glass) to building up and explode until the end.  

Overall movie was good, and I like this unique dark tone but because of its slow-paced movie and uniqueness, some people will really love this movie and some people won’t. But if you are fan of Unbreakable, I will love this movie!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

HoBin HoBin (Contributor) currently works in Baltimore. He has been a fan of movies most of his life. He enjoys all genre's of movies but especially Action Thriller with Drama. He also enjoys playing/watching tennis.
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