October 05, 2018

Venom is in theaters on October 5th, 2018.

It feels like FOREVER since we all found out Tom Hardy was casted as Venom. Since then we’ve been waiting waiting...

There are good and bad things about all movies. Comic book movies in particular receive and unnecessary amount of criticism. I like to watch movies because I enjoy them. I never like to be overly critical and if a movie is good I will give it my honest opinion despite whatever people say. Tom Hardy is an incredible actor. His role as Bane is classic and everything he does he gives 100%... however, one thing that bothered me was his accent. He is British in real life doing a New York accent but he didn’t maintain it throughout the film. Other than that he was amazing and he also did the voice of Venom - very cool!

Michelle Williams played Anne, his love interest and I just love her so that was a very welcome surprise.

There are parts of this movie where you will just be very confused thinking “what?! This would never happen!”. I just said ok I’m here for the ride - let’s do this. Once I caught on to the tone of the film it was easy to enjoy, very entertaining.

I don’t want to say too much and spoil anything. I hope you can go into this and have a good time.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

AshleyKAshley K. (Senior Contributor) is a frequent traveler currently living in San Diego. She's a super nerd who enjoys all kinds of movies and doesn't always think the book was better.
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